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Ranking: Journeyman
Hit Points: 145
Gold: 22458 Gold Piece
Items: 310
Avatars: 10
Medallions: 0
Games Played: 2737
Badges: 0
Quests Completed: 138
Foil Items: 0
Join Date: April 21st, 2012 5:50 AM
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Combat ArmorR4#18 ☠Combat Armor
4 Armor


Biggoron's SwordR5#82 ☡Biggoron's Sword
5 Attack


Cross NecklaceR4#15 ☌Cross Necklace
4 Luck


Iron BootsR3#39 ☡Iron Boots
3 Speed


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Latest Highscores

Saturday Night Bloodfest 1054925 in 19:00

Prehistoric Football 6169 in 00:30

Prehistoric Football 5833 in 00:28

Prehistoric Football 5830 in 00:26

Prehistoric Football 11359 in 00:33

Prehistoric Football 6290 in 01:11

Prehistoric Football 16452 in 01:28

Prehistoric Football 11612 in 00:21

Prehistoric Football 6476 in 00:19

Prehistoric Football 6384 in 00:32

Prehistoric Football 7788 in 00:22

Prehistoric Football 13480 in 00:27

Prehistoric Football 6387 in 00:36

Prehistoric Football 12169 in 00:20

Prehistoric Football 13982 in 00:23

Prehistoric Football 11646 in 00:20

Prehistoric Football 5576 in 00:23

Prehistoric Football 11566 in 01:22

Latest Collected Items

First Aid KitR3#16 ☉First Aid Kit
Rocket LauncherR4#7 ☣Rocket Launcher
Extra Power ShotR3#10 ☍Extra Power Shot
Power BraceletR2#15 ☀Power Bracelet
Blue Magic JarR1#3 ☥Blue Magic Jar
Big WingsR1#4 ☁Big Wings
Silver ArrowR4#31 ☀Silver Arrow

MugR1#19 ☇Mug
CannonballR3#49 ☇Cannonball
Golden ScaleR4#68 ☡Golden Scale
Adult WalletR2#32 ☡Adult Wallet
Yellow ShellR3#13 ☆Yellow Shell
BugsR2#24 ☡Bugs
Feather PenR2#33 ☇Feather Pen

Wizard's HatR4#27 ☋Wizard's Hat
Yellow ShellR3#13 ☆Yellow Shell
FlaskR1#4 ☉Flask of Virtue
ChaingunR3#4 ☣Chaingun
7 Way ShotR3#8 ☁7 Way Shot
Goron MaskR4#52 ☡Goron Mask
FluteR4#11 ☥Flute

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