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Kokaro is a community based gaming site where users play games to collect items and gold. Build your collection of nostalgic video game items or hoard your gold by selling everything, it's your choice! Compete with others for badges, high-scores and rankings!

Why did I make Kokaro?
When I play a video game, no matter if it is online or single player (where I can't brag), I love collecting items, as many items I can. I rarely have an empty pocket (or inventory), I just keep collecting as many items as I can. Games with small inventories really annoy me to some degree because they just won't allow me to collect everything. What I wanted to do is take that concept, collecting items, but turn it into a web-based-browser game for everybody to compete or play with. Also... no longer think about any single video game, I wanted to create a database of hundreds of different game's items. Anything from a red turtle shell that appears in Super Mario Kart (SNES) to the Needler from Halo 2 (XBOX). - Vaughn

What the heck is "Kokaro"?
I struggled for a very long time thinking about what to name this project. It was originally going to be named "Kokiri" - a reference to the Zelda series because of the content of this site. Obviously there would be some copyright issues, not to mention I would never get anything close for that domain name. So I went with something similar, a slight reference to japanese naming which is a slight reference to video games, especially the older ones. - Vaughn

Kokaro was designed and developed by Vaughn Royko (Drath) with lots of programming/databasing help from Desbrina.

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