Magic Items

You might be here because you just got a magic item, or maybe you are just drooling over somebody elses. So what do they do?

Magic items and effects are completely randomly generated when ever you get an item, but the chance of it happening is very rare. Alternatively you may also try to enchant your item to grant it a magic effect. Magic item effects stack together and there is currently no maximum value. For example, if you have six Wealth items, according to the chart below, you would recieve 1.5% more gold.

Wealth = 0.25% extra gold on games (capped at 50%).

Fortune = 0.05% extra chance of item on games, Seeker of the Rare, Item Collector, and Collection Collector (capped at 25%).

Virtue = 0.1% extra points on top of your total ranking via Leaderboard (also effects Hit Points) (capped at 100%).

Bartering = 0.25% less to buy price in the Marketplace (capped at 50%).

Persuasion = 0.5% more to sell price in the Marketplace (capped at 50%).

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