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Although using multiple accounts will not get you banned instantly, it is technically "not allowed". If you are caught using more than one account, per person, all of your accounts CAN BE banned, especially if caught cheating, exploiting or trolling in some way. It's best not the risk it and only keep one account. Multiple people in the same hosehold can have seperate accounts.

Cheating Scores

Cheating (or hacking) scores on games will get you banned. End of story. Using in-game glitches and exploits is generally not cosidering cheating - because there's such a large grey area to what is defined as cheating by using in-game bugs or tricks, this will be dealt on a case to case basis. If you are unsure if you are cheating, let me know what you are doing and I can tell you if what you are doing is cheating or not. If you report yourself cheating to me, you will NOT BE BANNED. However, if you continue to cheat without reporting it, you could be banned eventually. It's best just to let me know.

There is an automatic cheating prevention system in place. It has known to have some false positives, so PLEASE let me know if you were banned incorrectly.


Exploiting systems or pages presented on Kokaro is a bannable offense. Again, if you are unsure if you are exploiting, let me know what you are doing. I will not ban you for reporting exploits - there may even be a reward in it for you :)

"Don't Be A Dick" Clause

Don't be a dick and you probably won't get banned. If you are a "dick", then you could be banned. Pretty simple, no? Constantly swearing, using racism or generally being a troll may get you banned.

Final Say

Anything that occurs on this site is under my control and discretion. I will have final say regarding any issues that arrise.

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