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How do you get third-party flash games to work on your site?

I first got the idea when I seen many of the arcade forum extensions out there - I too wondered the same thing. I went diving into many tutorials and implementations and eventually created my own that you now see on the site. All of the flash games on the site are versions that will send data out that I can grab through Kokaro's custom system. I'm a picky-type of person so I will generally only put up quality flash games on Kokaro, rather than broken/bad looking ones that people hacked the crap out of to get to work on their forums.

As far as I know, all games on Kokaro have permission to be on here, if you find any that are not, please contact me right away.

Who makes the item graphics?

Tons of people were involved in making the graphics for each game that they were for. If you mean who ripped the graphics from the game enabling me to format them, crop them, blow them up, animate them, then the answer is still: tons of people.

Can I put my flash game on Kokaro?

Most likely, yes, I would love to have more "legit" games that interface naturally with my site. Send me a line.

What are you adding in the future?

I got a to-do text document longer than Santa's naughty list. Tons of stuff. Got an idea? Send it over or post on the forums!

How do I get banned?

WHAT! You actually want to get banned? Oh, you're just asking HOW do you get banned. Either way, read the Rules page! By the way, you should have already read them... you know, since you agreed to them by registering to the site.

Are these actually frequently asked questions, or did you just make them up?

Ummm... ah, uhhh... *runs away*

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