Want to know more about the inner workings of the systems on Kokaro? Look no further. The hints are collected from various pages found on the site.

Donating your collection to the Collection Collector removes it from your inventory; however, you may collect them again and recieve multiple medallions of the same game.

Medallions are the highest weighted statistic in the leaderboard.

Magic items cannot be returned to the Collection Collector.

The Costume Shop changes the stock based on what players buy from the shop.

Unfortunately if the Enchanter actually succeeds in making a magical item, he usually wants compensation for his talentless efforts.

You cannot try to enchant a level 5 rarity item.

You can have a maximum of 10 picked favourites.

High scores for specific games will reset once 150 scores are submitted.

Champions of specific games (players that own Badges) will be granted Gold Piece 10 gold peices every time somebody plays the game they are a champion of (including themselves).

Item Collector rewards, although quite meager, also add a point to your total quests which is the 4th highest weighted statistic in the leaderboard.

Returning a higher rarity items to the Item Collector will result in larger rewards and a higher chance for returning an item.

Giving an item to the Seeker of the Rare will also give you a quest point which is the 4th highest weighted statistic in the leaderboard.

After giving the Seeker of the Rare an item, he will immediately be looking for another item. Wow... greedy!

Rarity of the item returned to the Seeker of the Rare directly effects the reward.

The jackpot winner of the Lottery receives 2000 Gold Piece gold pieces and a random item.

Guessing the wrong game name on the Item Guess page will make you lose 25 Gold Piece gold pieces.

Try to be as accurate as possible with your answers on the Item Guess page, we go by Wikipedia/GameFAQs/GameSpot complete titles. It is not case or special character sensitive.

The main leaderboard only displays users active within the last 6 months.

Items in the Item Slot Machine change every hour.

The Marketplace changes the stock based on what players buy from the shop.

Magic items and effects are completely randomly generated when ever you get an item, but the chance of it happening is very rare. Alternatively you may also try to enchant your item to grant it a magic effect. Magic item effects stack together and there is currently no maximum value.

Transmogrification relies heavily on the item's name to compare for similar items.

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