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Ranking: Adept
Hit Points: 557
Gold: 328080 Gold Piece
Items: 1930
Avatars: 0
Medallions: 0
Games Played: 5501
Badges: 17
Quests Completed: 0
Join Date: July 23rd, 2016 5:09 PM
Last Login: November 2nd, 2020 10:53 PM


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Latest Collected Medallions

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Aqua CubesAqua Cubes Champion
Score: 28311
Alu's RevengeAlu's Revenge Champion
Score: 782060
Mahjong TowerMahjong Tower Champion
Score: 5691
Score: 232700
Boss StampBoss Stamp Champion
Score: 64
Box of ChocolatesBox of Chocolates Champion
Score: 56585
Gold Miner: Special EditionGold Miner: Special Edition Champion
Score: 74587

Carnival ShooterCarnival Shooter Champion
Score: 24160
Counting CardsCounting Cards Champion
Score: 2340
Bubble Buster 2008Bubble Buster 2008 Champion
Score: 19707
Fruits TwirlsFruits Twirls Champion
Score: 5179
Fishin' Fun 2Fishin' Fun 2 Champion
Score: 57510
Deli DasherDeli Dasher Champion
Score: 51735
SnakeSnake Champion
Score: 3548

Magnet Towers V2Magnet Towers V2 Champion
Score: 7462000
Hot Dog BushHot Dog Bush Champion
Score: 27279
Frogee ShootFrogee Shoot Champion
Score: 5080300

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Latest Collected Items

Magic BoomerangR2#22 ☀Magic Boomerang
GlowstickR1#5 ☤Glowstick
MinutesR2#27 ☇Minutes
Extra Fight PowerR3#12 ☍Extra Fight Power
Gopher RepellantR1#10 ☇Gopher Repellant
Glass ContainerR5#34 ☤Glass Container
Goron's BraceletR2#26 ☡Goron's Bracelet

Big PoeR4#58 ☡Big Poe
Treasure ChestR2#7 ☍Treasure Chest
Daemon BloodR4#26 ☋Daemon Blood
Straw HatR1#2 ☋Straw Hat
Blue Magic JarR1#3 ☥Blue Magic Jar
Special GemR5#27 ☉Special Gem
White PearlR4#23 ☋White Pearl

CarrotR1#2 ☃Carrot
Jet EngineR1#3 ☁Jet Engine
FoodR2#8 ☍Food
StrawberryR1#1 ☾Strawberry
1-Up MushroomR2#9 ★1-Up Mushroom
Yellow PetalR1#13 ☇Yellow Petal
Black PearlR3#16 ☋Black Pearl

Special GemR3#14 ☉Special Gem
Megaton HammerR5#78 ☡Megaton Hammer
KeycardR4#18 ☉Keycard
Kokiri TunicR1#9 ☡Kokiri Tunic
Skull MaskR1#2 ☡Skull Mask
Ecru CitrineR4#21 ☋Ecru Citrine
Red BalloonR3#3 ☂Red Balloon

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