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Kokaro is a community based persistent browser gaming and collectible site where users play games to collect items and gold. Build your collection of nostalgic video game items or hoard your gold by selling everything, it's your choice! Compete with others for badges, high scores and rankings!

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Vasik just beat their high score on Yetisports: Ylympics with a score of 3106 from 3083 previously. June 20th, 2019 4:40 AM

Item Showcase

Magic BeansR2#250Magic Beans
Light ArrowsR5#301Light Arrows
Light Amplification VisorR1#45Light Amplification Visor

1-Up MushroomR3#3161-Up Mushroom
Odd MushroomR4#276Odd Mushroom
Magic SwordR5#2Magic Sword

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