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Ranking: Journeyman
Hit Points: 197
Gold: 7078 Gold Piece
Items: 86
Avatars: 0
Medallions: 0
Games Played: 335
Badges: 24
Quests Completed: 0
Join Date: September 24th, 2019 1:24 AM
Last Login: May 26th, 2020 11:08 AM


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Latest Collected Medallions

This user has no medallions!


ASKIASKI Champion with 3245 points
Choppa PoppaChoppa Poppa Champion with 1834 points
AvalancheAvalanche Champion with 1111 points
Balloon HuntBalloon Hunt Champion with 76100 points
SnakeSnake Champion with 5253 points
Chopper DodgeChopper Dodge Champion with 33945 points
Mini KickupsMini Kickups Champion with 250 points

Bubble Trouble 2: RebubbledBubble Trouble 2: Rebubbled Champion with 100 points
GuardianGuardian Champion with 42 points
Super KickupsSuper Kickups Champion with 222 points
Space InvadersSpace Invaders Champion with 123450 points
AsteroidsAsteroids Champion with 100220 points
FroggerFrogger Champion with 29870 points
Breakout 360Breakout 360 Champion with 3056 points

Can ShooterCan Shooter Champion with 805 points
HelicopterHelicopter Champion with 2166 points
Jungle MonkeysJungle Monkeys Champion with 4750 points
Yeti Sports 4 - Albatross OverloadYeti Sports 4 - Albatross Overload Champion with 4255 points
Van JelliesVan Jellies Champion with 40737 points
CurveballCurveball Champion with 30030 points
Music StompMusic Stomp Champion with 10000 points

X-TrainingX-Training Champion with 23 points
Air HockeyAir Hockey Champion with 8 points
Major SlantMajor Slant Champion with 3571 points

Currently Selling:

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Latest Collected Items

Pewtar WadR1#343Pewtar Wad
Odd MushroomR4#276Odd Mushroom
Large KeyR4#423Large Key
Letter to Old WomanR2#16Letter to Old Woman
Fairy's SpiritR2#254Fairy's Spirit

Spider Hater's NoteR2#412Spider Hater's Note
Eyeball FrogR4#282Eyeball Frog
Adult WalletR2#239Adult Wallet
Fire Ball FalconR3#129Fire Ball Falcon
100% Cotton T-ShirtR2#357100% Cotton T-Shirt

Master SwordR3#263Master Sword
Super ShotgunR3#153Super Shotgun
Noteworthy RockR3#374Noteworthy Rock

Bro FlowerR1#170Bro Flower
Magic ContainerR4#87Magic Container
Wax LipsR2#361Wax Lips

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