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Ranking: Expert
Hit Points: 352
Gold: 166805 Gold Piece
Items: 1058
Avatars: 0
Medallions: 0
Games Played: 3223
Badges: 15
Quests Completed: 0
Join Date: July 23rd, 2016 5:09 PM
Last Login: September 16th, 2017 12:49 AM


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Latest Collected Medallions

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Aqua CubesAqua Cubes Champion with 27931 points
Alu's RevengeAlu's Revenge Champion with 666810 points
Boss StampBoss Stamp Champion with 64 points
Box of ChocolatesBox of Chocolates Champion with 56585 points
BookwormBookworm Champion with 53220 points
Carnival ShooterCarnival Shooter Champion with 24160 points
Counting CardsCounting Cards Champion with 2340 points

Bejeweled BlitzBejeweled Blitz Champion with 115750 points
Fruits TwirlsFruits Twirls Champion with 5050 points
Fishin' Fun 2Fishin' Fun 2 Champion with 57510 points
Deli DasherDeli Dasher Champion with 51735 points
SnakeSnake Champion with 5737 points
Beat BubblesBeat Bubbles Champion with 64645 points
Hot Dog BushHot Dog Bush Champion with 27279 points

Angry FaicAngry Faic Champion with 69 points

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Latest Collected Items

Daemon BloodR4#74Daemon Blood
Magical ClockR1#32Magical Clock
Blue Skull KeyR3#42Blue Skull Key

Super ShotgunR3#153Super Shotgun
Mega SphereR5#54Mega Sphere
Din's FireR2#248Din's Fire
Wizard's HatR4#73Wizard's Hat
Wax LipsR2#361Wax Lips
Deku StickR1#229Deku Stick

Spider's SilkR2#65Spider's Silk
Blue FireR3#272Blue Fire
Plasma BoltsR3#193Plasma Bolts
Blue PepperR3#177Blue Pepper
Spread Gun FalconR1#127Spread Gun Falcon

Plasma BoltsR3#193Plasma Bolts
Green ShellR1#308Green Shell
Treasure ChestR2#138Treasure Chest
Banana BunchR2#114Banana Bunch
Ecru CitrineR4#81Ecru Citrine
Explosives BookR3#418Explosives Book

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