The Marketplace, home of all things commerce. Whether you are looking to get rid of some items or finding some items you do not have, the marketplace has you covered!

Current Stock Available for Purchase

Too Many MemosR4#385Too Many Memos
Cost: 2438
Handheld ComputerR3#198Handheld Computer
Cost: 838
Security ArmorR3#48Security Armor
Cost: 838
Grave DustR3#75Grave Dust
Cost: 838
Blue ShellR3#314Blue Shell
Cost: 838
Cost: 838
Jug O'GrogR5#390Jug O'Grog
Cost: 4838

Note: The shopkeep only changes the stock based on what players buy from the shop, or if a player "recalls" the stock.

Recalling the stock or buying a surprise bag costs 5000 Gold Piece gold pieces.

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