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MarioMario #36

Ranking: Expert
Hit Points: 228
Gold: 55379 Gold Piece
Items: 1052
Avatars: 2
Medallions: 2
Games Played: 4032
Badges: 5
Quests Completed: 12
Foil Items: 0
Join Date: October 10th, 2019 12:09 AM
Last Login: November 5th, 2020 7:22 AM


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Golden GauntletsR5#74 ☡Golden Gauntlets
5 Armor


Magic WandR4#29 ☀Magic Wand
4 Attack


Necklace on NavigatorR5#64 ☇Necklace on Navigator
5 Luck


Iron BootsR3#39 ☡Iron Boots
3 Speed


Collapse Champion
Score: 4804
Magic Drop Champion
Score: 2018
Magic Drop
Pac-Xon Champion
Score: 20388
Critter Capture Champion
Score: 21540
Critter Capture
Ice Castle Blaster Champion
Score: 2860
Ice Castle Blaster

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Latest Collected Medallions

Battle City
Battle City
Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country

Latest Highscores

Speartoss 2506 in 00:54

Bricks 65565 in 08:40

Bricks 53670 in 04:11

Pac-Xon 16486 in 29:13

Pac-Xon 4840 in 04:30

Backgammon 75 in 09:20

Heist 304600 in 12:15

Alu's Revenge 156420 in 04:50

Collapse 2116 in 01:30

Collapse 2509 in 01:25

Collapse 2248 in 01:41

Collapse 2123 in 01:41

Power Driver 2.0 388 in 00:17

Power Driver 2.0 379 in 00:16

Power Driver 2.0 390 in 00:14

Alu's Revenge 142920 in 03:54

Bricks 35700 in 04:14

Bricks 35580 in 04:16

Latest Collected Items

OrangeR2#4 ☾Orange
Deku Seeds Bullet BagR1#11 ☡Deku Seeds Bullet Bag
CatR4#6 ☄Cat
Wax LipsR2#20 ☇Wax Lips
Blue Key CardR2#9 ☠Blue Key Card
Extra ArmorR3#11 ☍Extra Armor
CinnamonR3#42 ☇Cinnamon

Twin BombsR3#7 ☁Twin Bombs
Message in a BottleR3#35 ☡Message in a Bottle
Bok ChoyR3#7 ☃Bok Choy
Extra Fight PowerR3#12 ☍Extra Fight Power
Yellow Skull KeyR3#14 ☠Yellow Skull Key
Giant Piece of RopeR2#32 ☇Giant Piece of Rope
Grave DustR3#14 ☋Grave Dust

SpyglassR3#44 ☇Spyglass
Red AppleR1#4 ☆Red Apple
BoomerangR1#7 ☀Boomerang
GinsengR2#9 ☋Ginseng
Super MushroomR1#2 ☆Super Mushroom
TrampolineR4#14 ★Trampoline
Letter NR3#5 ☂Letter N

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