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Duke NukemDuke Nukem #10

Ranking: Apprentice
Hit Points: 89
Gold: 60898 Gold Piece
Items: 98
Avatars: 15
Medallions: 1
Games Played: 1108
Badges: 1
Quests Completed: 20
Foil Items: 0
Join Date: March 25th, 2011 8:56 AM
Last Login: October 7th, 2018 7:39 PM


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Zora TunicR3#38 ☡Zora Tunic of Wealth
3 Armor








Bullet Throw Champion
Score: 818440
Bullet Throw

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Latest Collected Medallions

Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country

Latest Highscores

Counting Cards 416 in 02:30

Bullet Throw 818440 in 01:39

Bullet Throw 744630 in 01:38

Bullet Throw 688970 in 01:39

Bloons Tower Defense 2 233902 in 33:21

Mouze Maze 75520 in 06:21

Toss the Turtle 1377377 in 108:45

Toss the Turtle 48252 in 91:55

Baby Kicker 278 in 01:01

Fishin' Fun 2 3470 in 03:33

Bloons Junior 4575 in 25:54

Bum's Rush 5 in 01:55

8 Letters in Search of a Word 385 in 02:49

Music Stomp 1820 in 01:13

Candy Blocks 25450 in 00:02

Balance 47 in 01:32

Music Zap 430 in 00:40

Major Slant 2859 in 00:59

Latest Collected Items

Extra MagicR3#9 ☍Extra Magic
Wimpy Little IdolR1#12 ☇Wimpy Little Idol
Old NewspaperR4#29 ☤Old Newspaper
Laser FalconR4#5 ☈Laser Falcon
Banana PickerR3#50 ☇Banana Picker
Extra ArmorR3#11 ☍Extra Armor
Feathered HatR2#12 ☋Feathered Hat

Plasma BoltsR3#17 ☉Plasma Bolts
Letter NR3#5 ☂Letter N
Ecru CitrineR4#21 ☋Ecru Citrine
Medium CoinR3#10 ☁Medium Coin
CannonballerR3#13 ★Cannonballer
BatwingR3#20 ☋Batwing
GinsengR2#9 ☋Ginseng

Com RadioR3#23 ☤Com Radio
Wide BeamR1#1 ☁Wide Beam
Silver GauntletsR4#57 ☡Silver Gauntlets
Magic BeansR2#21 ☡Magic Beans
Magic BookR3#24 ☀Magic Book
BookR2#10 ☉Book
Goron MaskR4#52 ☡Goron Mask

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