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Ranking: Novice
Hit Points: 46
Gold: 45548 Gold Piece
Items: 87
Avatars: 0
Medallions: 0
Games Played: 263
Badges: 0
Quests Completed: 0
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Join Date: December 20th, 2014 12:39 PM
Last Login: December 31st, 2017 2:05 AM


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Latest Highscores

Bumperjack 12500 in 18:35

Bumperjack 2360 in 08:33

Zombie Golf Riot 389 in 01:12

Air Hockey 5 in 17:19

Breakit 2 31745 in 04:29

8 Letters in Search of a Word 694 in 10:47

8 Letters in Search of a Word 218 in 03:27

Balloon Shoot 1520 in 02:05

Hot Dog Bush 9482 in 70:38

Air Hockey 6 in 22:34

Bloons Junior 3274 in 26:37

Minotaur 4 in 00:46

Bum's Rush 7 in 03:08

Frogee Shoot 3176700 in 68:33

Air Hockey 3 in 23:47

Hot Dog Bush 11149 in 72:54

Latest Collected Items

Bigger Deku Seeds Bullet BagR3#49 ☡Bigger Deku Seeds Bullet Bag
Handheld ComputerR3#12 ☉Handheld Computer
Zora MaskR4#54 ☡Zora Mask
CannonballR3#49 ☇Cannonball
Yellow Skull KeyR3#14 ☠Yellow Skull Key
ReplusionR4#15 ☍Replusion
Green PoisonR1#2 ☍Green Poison

Smart BombR4#13 ☁Smart Bomb
Pocket CuccoR4#64 ☡Pocket Cucco
BatwingR3#20 ☋Batwing
KeyR1#1 ☥Key
Plasma CannonR4#6 ☣Plasma Cannon
Data CassetteR3#13 ☉Data Cassette
Bok ChoyR3#7 ☃Bok Choy

Wide BeamR1#1 ☁Wide Beam
Combat ArmorR4#18 ☠Combat Armor
Red AppleR1#4 ☆Red Apple
MinutesR2#27 ☇Minutes
BootsR2#7 ☥Boots
BoomerangR3#48 ☡Boomerang
Twin BombsR3#7 ☁Twin Bombs

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