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Ranking: Neophyte
Hit Points: 20
Gold: 2851 Gold Piece
Items: 48
Avatars: 0
Medallions: 0
Games Played: 162
Badges: 0
Quests Completed: 1
Foil Items: 0
Join Date: April 28th, 2019 3:45 AM
Last Login: June 28th, 2019 9:53 PM


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Latest Highscores

Bubble Game 1110 in 02:33

Bubble Game 1680 in 02:31

Bubble Game 1010 in 05:03

Bubble Game 1000 in 06:55

Bubble Game 1630 in 03:42

Bubble Game 670 in 01:26

Jungle Monkeys 4450 in 03:54

Jungle Monkeys 1000 in 00:49

Jungle Monkeys 3550 in 02:11

Jungle Monkeys 3550 in 02:02

Ancient World Mahjong - 7 Wonders 13740 in 06:06

Ancient World Mahjong - 7 Wonders 14240 in 05:23

Ancient World Mahjong - 7 Wonders 7100 in 06:32

Fly Squirrel Fly 2 103492 in 84:11

Anti Shanti 22 in 00:43

Anti Shanti 9 in 00:28

Anti Shanti 6 in 00:36

Frogee Shoot 134700 in 06:06

Latest Collected Items

Blue ShellR3#12 ☆Blue Shell
ShieldR1#13 ☀Shield
Red ShellR2#8 ☆Red Shell
Bigger QuiverR4#56 ☡Bigger Quiver
TrampolineR4#14 ★Trampoline
Wide BeamR1#1 ☁Wide Beam
Deku StickR1#10 ☡Deku Stick

Extra Power ShotR3#10 ☍Extra Power Shot
DrinkR1#5 ☍Drink
BananaR3#51 ☇Banana
Fine WineR4#55 ☇Fine Wine
White SwordR2#21 ☀White Sword
Yellow ShellR3#13 ☆Yellow Shell
CapR1#6 ☋Cap

Goron's BraceletR2#26 ☡Goron's Bracelet
Twin BombsR3#7 ☁Twin Bombs
BroomR3#24 ☤Broom
MinutesR2#27 ☇Minutes
Special KeyR4#19 ☉Special Key
PoeR3#41 ☡Poe
Stewed MeatR2#35 ☇Stewed Meat

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