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Rick DangerousRick Dangerous

Highest score of all time: OlivierM Score: 62560 in 58:41

Rick Dangerous Champion:

#1 — NippleHair — Score: 7050 in 05:01

#2 — NippleHair — Score: 6940 in 03:31

#3 — NippleHair — Score: 4070 in 03:05

#4 — NippleHair — Score: 3810 in 03:05

#5 — NippleHair — Score: 3760 in 01:44

5 scores have been submitted for this game so far.

Note: High scores for specific games will reset once 150 scores are submitted.

Note: Champions of specific games will be granted 10 gold pieces every time somebody plays the game they are a champion of (including themselves).

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