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New village page, Lottery was added late last night:

It's still in beta (which is why it's not actually listed yet), but go ahead and buy a ticket... you could be the winner!

Description from page:

--- Quote ---
The lottery is a draw of Kokaro players that pool their gold pieces together for the randomized winner's jackpot. The winner is choosen at random after 5 draws have been submitted by different users. The winner also has a small chance of receiving a high level rarity random item as well. Each ticket costs 100 Gold Piece gold pieces meaning the jackpot winner recives 500 Gold Piece gold pieces and a chance at the bonus.
--- End quote ---

Just noticed "choosen", I'll fixy later.

I find it a rather good system that no one can buy more than one ticket, that way the one who wins the lottery is actually determined by luck rather than by who's the richest among them.

Let's see how it actually works out, though. :P

Thanks for the testing it out (and showing me that it didn't work after you purchased, haha). It's all fixed now, Jacq was the winner this time.

Lotto tickets... Buy 'em.


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