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I thought I would just have this planned list of to-do work on the site in case people were wondering what is coming up in the future. They are in no order, and maybe half of them will never actually get realized.

* Surprise Bag
* View All Medallion Button
* The Thief
* Auction House
* Fix example on Magic Info page
* Engraver NPC
* The Laundromat
* Rules page
* Pets
* Disenchanter
* Add new sorting field for items to fix item # issues. Did you know there's no item #18 due to this issue? This will also allow to add more items into each set (I'm missing some items).
* Missing Castlevania/Doom 64 items.
* Make drop shadow more subtle on avatars/items.
* Equipment refinement (+1, +2, etc.) and equipment page changes.
* Battle system - Add monsters/bestiary
* Daily wheel game
* Ranking icons
* Adventure/challenge mode
* Video game trivia
* Screenshot game
* Item counts are off - Fix this
* Achievements
* Alphabetized/paginated game/highscore listings
* Researcher NPC
* Referral system
* Story Mode
* Revamp of search functions (don't use Google)
* ____________________
* Highest scores (a highest score that is kept after resets)
* Add filtering/finding in inventory actions.
* Games played is broken
* Fix being able to sell the costume you are wearing
* Show your avatar in forum
* Implement effects of Fortune/Bartering/Persuasion
* Reservation system changes - Don't allow removal from seller
* Hint page
* After a score has been submitted that does not meet minimum score to be submitted, have a button for returning to game (and for guest score submission page)
* Only active (6 months) players are shown in top 20 leaderboard
* Costume Shop
* Game reviews/commentating
* Up the max price for vendor
* Forgot password
* Avatars
* Village drop down menu
* Collection Collector NPC
* New player bonus
* Equipment footwear fix
* Site feed RSS
* Implement gold tossing system for comments
* Quotebox
* Remove 00:00 on high-scores
* Make it rarer for rarer items to show up for sale in Marketplace
* Featured daily game for bonuses
* Quotes page (with credits)
* Enchanted/magic only sort function
* Affiliates page re-format/footer add
* Show who last won lottery on lottery page
* Don't allow purchasing of your own items on your profile

When there's eventually a better item sorting system, perhaps a "see enchanted items only" page?

Added new items to the to-do... it's growing pretty big.

Things that most annoy me is that I need to flip through pages for inventory or games, if I select see all then it only works until I make whatever action then need to again (enchanter) and that the next / back pages buttons are at the bottom.

Like anything that requires more than 5 pages should probably have a < 1 2 3 4 5 > at the top of that page.

For The:

"More incentive to play less-played games (more items/money?)Thing"

I Was Thinking Like, Maybe A Random Less-Played Game, Could Have A Gold Bonus On A Certain Week Or Something Like That, It Could Be Advertised On The Main Page, And Who Ever Gets The Highest Score At The End Of The Week Gets An Item Or Something ~

I Also Agree With Scape, That The Inventory Pages Coulld Be Better With A Number Bar Or Something :3


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