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The Future of Kokaro


I made a Kokaro account over 5 years ago. Back then, the site had decent competition, new games every week, frequent badge resets, lottery draws, etc. 5 years later, the site is now the complete opposite of everything I have just mentioned.
Even the administrator of this site said that he won't add anything new, and he focuses on different projects, along with other things in general, but he still keeps the site alive because it still functions.
Despite the present cons of the website, it can be pretty tough letting go of a website like this, which a lot of hard work and effort has been put into, but in my opinion the plug should be pulled on Kokaro.
I still go on here every once in awhile, just to see how the website is, despite my efforts trying to quit forever.
Thank you for reading!

The Flash Player that runs all the games is going away by 2020 and many browsers will stop supporting it before then so the site is going to simply stop functioning regardless, unless there is a major overhaul. I hope the admin keeps it up until the bitter end ... I like the games and the idea behind the site (obviously)and will be at a loss when it goes.

Your right, I forgot to mention the Flash Player ending in 2020. That will pretty much end the site, but we might as well keep the site up to have as much fun as we can.


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