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I though instead of their being 1092390 different bug threads, that I would open a single one for everybody to submit their bugs/glitches/errors to, a lot like everybody was doing with the chat page before, except not limited by 140 characters :)

Mahjong Tower.

I guess it's not officially a bug, but the scoring system for this game is a little bit odd. The scores for each board are not cumulative, so if you want to get a highscore, you're better off losing quickly at the end of the first board (which has the most tiles, as far as I can tell) than continuing to play the smaller but harder boards.

Thanks for putting a "real" mahjong game in, though. They are one of my favourites! :D

I noticed that too, but I decided to just add it to the site anyways. In that, I think it's okay to have some games that are not so much about the points at the end, but the fun - like the Tower Defense games. I'll make sure to make a note about it though in the description, but also, work on getting some different Mahjong games - there's tons out there.


--- Quote ---
Your score was 2589900 for unknown game: magnettowers?restart=yes (magnettowers).

This game doesn't actually exist, what's going on?
--- End quote ---


That seems to be quite the crippling flaw. Sorry for your loss  :'(

I'll look into it.


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