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Hello and welcome to Kokaro.com! This is the thread for everyone to introduce themselves, we hope you will have fun as you explore your way around the site.

I am Scapegoat and I help with some of the errands around here. I like Slurpees and taking the blame when things go wrong.  :D

I'm Jacq. I like playing flash games when I'm supposed to studying. (I am a linguistics major in university, hopefully with a focus in phonotactics/audiology, but I need to keep my gpa up.)

I live in Cowtown, canada, and am very boring. The end.

hey all;
my name is jace anderson. Funny that; seeing as my user name is jaceanderson. which, as you no doubt have noticed is my name sans space. it's a typography thing, but enough about that. old skool games, i like them. & new games too. thanks Kokaro for giving me addictive prizes and gold; as if my life didn't already have enough distractions. Seriously; thanks.

My name is subwar and I like to play games :)

Hello. I am Blackbird, and was unwillingly dragged here by Jacq. Since this is the only game website not currently blocked by my school filter (not that I cannot go through a proxy, it's just easier to, y'know, not be blocked at all), I'm focusing a lot on it. I am also trying to beat Jacq at Avalanche, which as you can see, has been until now a fruitless effort.


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