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Notice anything a little... off about some of the games?

I made this topic because the collision physics in Breakout2 seem to be a little bit dodgy (my ball will go straight through a brick sometimes.)
Usually this has the effect of killing me dead, but sometimes it works out nicely when my ball passes through one of the "walls" and gets stuck in sweet brick oblivion. :)

Also in avalanche sometimes my little marshmallow gets stuck and then catapulted across the screen.

Due to the randomness of the platforms, sometimes in Bunny hopper there is nothing for me to land on right at the beginning. = score of 0  >:(

I've noticed this in both Breakit and Breakit 2. It's like the corners of bricks don't have any collision detection or something.

Fixing site problems is one thing, but I don't really know how much influence you have on the people who made the games. Nevertheless...


When the gong sounds at the end after the timer runs out, if there is anything else happening in the game (eg, tiles falling, tiles being consumed/submitted etc) then it will stop there and never submit your score. The tiles and the worm don't get charred up like they do normally.
You can still click on letters, but you can't really play because they aren't the letters that you're reading. I think the timer also resets, like it's started a new game but hasn't updated the visuals.

Also, "suss", "doofus", "queef" and "muon" aren't in the word list! C'mon guys! These are all words that I use on a daily basis...  haha don't ask ;D

Edit: "joey" (baby kangaroo, not a proper noun), and "stylish"

AK47, I just got this myself and was pretty angry; however, I figured out that you can counter this glitch by clicking the tiny "x" icon - it will submit your score while in this limbo state.

My favorite game Majong (sp) connect now has a bug in it.  The pause does not work and the game ends suddenly sometimes.   >:(


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