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Eight Letters in Search of a Word


Can someone give me some hints for Eight Letters?

I usually get between 24,000-28,000 points per game, and can't seem to get much more, because the time limit gets shorter. I can only type so fast. I don't understand how anyone can score over 35,000 points. I see scores in the hundreds of thousands, and more, on the board, and can't figure out how any person can click or type that fast while thinking of long words; it's humanly impossible. 

Is it better to get as many shorter words as I can, and then get the eight letter word, or to just get the longest words only? I'm trying to figure out how to get more points per level. This game just doesn't give many points for each level. I run into a brick wall every time I'm near 24,000-28,000 points because the clock runs out.

I used to get hundreds of thousands of points playing the old game WORD WIZ on tbs.com, but unfortunately, that game has been gone since around 2010. At least in WORD WIZ, the clock wasn't nearly as fast as the one in Eight Letters.

Any help would be appreciated.

I know what you mean, I capped at just under 24k myself.

From what I understand (based on the score after the first round) is that the points are capped per round (you can't earn more then what is required to beat the round; time bonus not included)  I'll give it another test and post my findings.


Each level can only earn you the Target score, plus any time bonus. Your best bet it to solve for the largest words first, and do it as fast as possible.

So, if I find 2 or 3 eight letter words in a level, it doesn't give me more points, because it just has to reach the target score. Finding 2 or 3 eight letter words in a level only completes the level quicker. And I guess I don't get more points for completing a level as quick as possible.

I just can't figure out how anyone can score hundreds of thousands of points per game. It's quite baffling.

Even if I was a robot, I couldn't score that high.

Thanks for the input, TucanOG.

Well, I guess I've done as good as humanly possible by scoring around 29k. I'm playing the game correctly, according to what you stated. I wish WORD WIZ would come back......


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