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Looking for these items... Paying 10k each.

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I'm willing to pay 10k each for any of the following items. Item tradinig is okay too. Hopefully by the end of it all we both get something we wanted :)

~~~~~~~      R5's     ~~~~~~~

R5 Extra Ship     - Fantasy Zone
R5 Helmet         - Battle City
R5 Blank Note     - Penumbra Overture
R5 Beer           - Jr. Pac-Man

~~~~~~      Miscellanious      ~~~~~~

I am looking for Jr. Pac-Man items. , 10k each even for the R1 items! I'll also trade items too. :)

1. Bike R1 -    need!
2. Kite R1 -    need!
3. Train R2 -  need!
4. Balloon R2 - need!
5. Train R3 -  need!
6. Cat R4
7. Beer R5 -   need!
8. ?

Watch this space..

Sent the R5 Hover Boots for 10k.

Put a few up in the vendor house.

Renegade OgStroshine stole the Nayru's Love OgStroshine bring it back Renegade needs it.

And chukboy you forgot to lock it to Renegade so OgStroshine bought it.


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